I need a voodoo spell to get my husband out of my life – he’s an evil bully

Posted by: on May 12, 2010

“It’s like when I married my husband, he was kind and loving,” Alice from Edinburgh, Scotland, told me in an email yesterday. “But something changed him and he turned into a vicious bully – a monster. I left him. But he keeps getting to me, stalking me. I plan to get a restraining order out on him, but I’m afraid even that won’t stop him.”

Sadly, emails like this are all too common.

Anyway, I recommended that Alice waste no time in getting a restraining order out on him. If she felt she needed more, I suggested we fix up a voodoo go away spell designed¬† to push her husband out of the picture for good. “This would back up the restraining order and drive him away for good,” I said.

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