Voodoo money spell: we desperately need some wealth magic to save us from bankruptcy and restore the good life we once had…

Posted by: on May 13, 2010

Christina (name changed for privacy) got in touch with me last year. She and her family had lived the high life in Beverly Hills for many years. They ran four top-of-the-range cars (dropped the kids off for dance classes in a flashy SUV), attended health spas regularly, and had a sprawling home with a huge swimming pool. In short, they lived the life most of us dream of having…

But with the recession all this started to unravel. At one point they were looking bankruptcy in the face. That’s when Christina came to me for a voodoo money spell. She’d been referred to me by a friend of hers in the music business (a client of mine since 1993).

“Doc, I’ll do anything to get back our wealth,” she said. “I just want your most powerful voodoo money spell.”

I told her that she and her husband – and two daughters – should look at downsizing, damage limitation. And at the same time have a voodoo money spell cast to get their financial machine back on track again.

“The fact is, Christina,” I said, “you might have to eat some humble pie here. But you know, that’s not a bad lesson in life, it makes you more caring for others.”

I could tell she really didn’t like what I was saying. But she went ahead, anyway, and I cast a voodoo wealth and money spell for her, using a spirit bottle, which is maximum impact money conjure if you need to get your financial wheels rolling again.

Christina and her family did downsize too. Yeah, they still had a pool and a couple of cars, but they lived in a less expensive area.

After a couple of months, her husband’s business started to bounce back and now things are very much on the up again.

Christina called me yesterday, saying: “Doc, we had a good accountant, but it was your voodoo money spell that turned things around for us – I can’t thank you enough.”

“That’s great,” I said. “But I’ve got to ask you this Christina – did the blip in your finances make you more humble?”

“Yes, it did, Doc,” she replied. “I’m not a snob anymore. I’m even volunteering to help the homeless downtown. I just want to give something back to those less privileged than us.”

It was heartening to hear. And goes to show that bad experiences can have a positive outcome on more than one level.

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