Voodoo talismans

Posted by: on July 2, 2010

Voodoo talismans are a very powerful form of conjure. They are typically engraved with curious figures and symbols. The mere look of these symbols can be strangely compelling – and for some a touch scary. When charged with appropriate ritual and ceremony, voodoo talismans undoubtedly possess supernatural powers.

Such talismans can bring you love and money, as well as warding off illness and bad luck. Or they can keep evil away and break hexes. Alternatively, you can use them to attract good luck, bring back an ex lover or to develop sensuality.

You’ll usually see voodoo talismans engraved on a special seal, medallion, or on a semi-precious stone. Many practitioners embroider them on cloth. They are usually worn on a chain or leather cord around the neck, or carried in a purse, bag or pocket.

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