It's a sad fact of life. People will sometimes play mean. Or dirty. Or plain evil. The old doctors always hit back. They wouldn't tolertate it. Most often they'd fix the evil-doer with a high-octane voodoo "running water" working. This will send the evil-doer to crazy bin before sunrise.

My old voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe put it this way:

Ain't no good showin' mercy to bad people. They run a number on you, you gotta fuck 'em over. Follow 'em home. And when they walk over soft ground, you wait until they outa sight, then you dig up their foot-track.

Take that track home and fix up a mixture with cat and dog hairs and nine grains of black pepper. Add a little gunpowder and brimstone (sulfur) and you're cooking. For extra fire power, you can call up some o' those evil spirits from the graveyard. Make a deal with 'em. You'll spill 'em some whiskey if they'll agree to go a hauntin' that bad motherfucker that's been an' done you wrong.

You then wrap that mixture up in brown paper and take it to the river and throw it in the running water. Spirits'll take care o' the rest. Believe me, man, your enemy will go stark bat crazy 'fore sunrise...

One of our old conjurer friends from the American South - Rev. Gary Fox - once used this method on a rich white guy from Texas who was oppressing him in a prejudicial way. This is what he told me:

That motherfucker went crazy within seven hours and forty-three minutes...I was counting. They had to sedate him and even then he was bucking and snorting like a mad-ass bull. They put him in the asylum and he never came out - 'cept when they buried him.

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