A lady who I’ll call Beverly phoned some time back. She was concerned about her daughter’s boyfriend, who, from what she said, was far from ideal.

“He’s a waster,” Beverly said. “He does nothing, he never works, and he sponges off of my daughter, who works all hours. She does everything for him. She’s a doormat. He walks all over her. She don’t say nothing.”

Besides taking Beverly’s daughter’s money, the guy was seeing other women. Beverly wanted to know if it’s possible to break up a couple with voodoo.

“Yes it is,” I said. “Particularly when it is for the greater good – in this case, the future happiness of your daughter.”

Anyway, I fixed up a voodoo Break Up A Love Affair spell on Berverly’s behalf. Nothing happened for eight weeks. Her daughter remained obsessed with this guy. Another three weeks went by. Still nothing.

“Look,” I said. “I’m going to recast the spell. See if that kicks up some action.”

Two weeks later – after I’d recast the spell – Beverly’s daughter left the guy and moved back in with her mother with view to finding her own place when she could afford it.

Not surprisingly, Beverly was over the moon.

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