How to make yourself invisible

Posted by: on November 30, 2011

invisible manOne time my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe told me he knew the secret of becoming invisible. I laughed. “Come on, ” I said. “There’s no way that’s possible. It’s a myth. At best, it’s a trick like those Indian fakirs do.”

“Those Indian boys know what they doing,” replied Earl. “But it’s not that. It’s a technique I learned from an old Mafia Don in New York when I was a young man.”

Earl said making yourself invisible was “simple in the telling,” but that you have to do it right – with total mental focus.

“How you do it,” he explained, “is you see everyone on the street before they see you. If you see other people before they see you, they won’t see you.”

I put this into practice and soon had it down to a fine art. I’ve gotten past street vendors hawking their goods, through dangerous areas with street thugs on every corner – you name it. It works. But you do have to keep your concentration up. Your have to make sure you really do see everyone before they see you. Any lapse in concentration invariably means you are spotted by someone…then everyone seems to see you.

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