Voodoo star rings

Posted by: on October 27, 2014

“Lotta the old hoodoo doctors wore star rings,” said voodoo man Earl Marlowe as we walked beside the River Thames in the summer sunshine.

“They wasn’t the usual astrology, mark you,” he continued. “They often had obscure stars engraved on their rings – stars from the far reaches of the galaxy. Lotta them old doctors used to say they was in touch with entities from other star systems. Wasn’t your UFO stuff though. Not nuts and bolts saucers and bug eyed aliens. These were spiritual intelligences.”

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Do you have a voodoo spell to get rid of an enemy?

Posted by: on October 23, 2014

Mojo Hand & SigilsBest way to get rid of an adversary is with a Remove A Hater mojo hand. It is not designed to hurt the person that is causing you harm. Rather, it puts a glamour on them which will make them feel compelled to leave town, or even leave the country altogether.

It works on the numinous, the unseen world, so you cannot predict exactly how the glamour will pan out. The Remove A Hater mojo could set your enemy crazy with desire about somebody in another country, and they go all out to be with the person. Or it might make them dissatisfied about their current situation, and they feel better opportunities exists in another part of the country.

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Voodoo love spells – the no.1 secret to casting a love spell that works…

Posted by: on October 22, 2014

love spells altarMany people cast voodoo love spells and they simply don’t work. They set up a workspace, light the appropriate colored candles and incense, recite the correct incantations, draw the proper symbols, and cast the voodoo love spell in a state of heightened emotion … yet no result.

Their love spell casting proves a failure. And yet they did everything right – on the surface, at least.

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Talisman Magick

Posted by: on October 21, 2014

midite city glyph“Talisman magick is very powerful conjure,” said my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe. “Most people stick to the rules and use old time symbols found in books on magick and sorcery. That’s by-rote, parrot magick. But if you want real power, I advise you to tap into the subconscious mind, the powerhouse within, and find your own symbols and glyphs. Fix up your talismans with them, and I guarantee you’ll get the job done.”

Talismans are ideograms. They encapsulate a concept or structure and offer the magickian the potential for manipulating his or her reality. In a sense you tell a story pictorially with your talismans, but you get to write or sculpt the outcome.

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Johnny Redstone: Demonic biker called upon by results magickians in works of dark sorcery…

Posted by: on October 17, 2014

Johnny RedstoneJohnny Redstone is a death cheater. A demonic entity residing at the Black Lodge on the far western reaches of the etheric plane. The place where the hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs. Johnny was human once. Shot dead in a drugs beef during the early 1970s. But now he is an egregore called upon by select groups of results magickians in works of dark, obsidian sorcery.

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Results Magick That Gets The Job Done

Posted by: on October 16, 2014

Results Magick

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Black-eyed child ghosts bode ill for UK claims voodoo doctor…

Posted by: on October 9, 2014

Sigils Black Eyed Child GhostUK voodoo practitioner and bestselling cult author Doktor Snake has issued a stark warning about the current spate of black-eyed child ghosts being sighted in the UK – particularly around Cannock Chase in the West Midlands. He says the terrifying ghouls bode ill for the nation.

Frightened locals report seeing a little girl with jet black eyes suddenly appearing in countryside areas. Those walking dogs say their pets go hysterical with terror at the sight of the malevolent-looking apparition. Other eye witnesses report that the black-eyed spook’s head was tilted “as if she had been hung.”

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