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Voodoo in the Graveyard

Any voodoo man will tell you the best place to do rituals is in the graveyard. Old graveyards are best. In the UK, Edwardian or Victorian cemeteries are the ones to go for. If you wanna gain personal power or bring good luck, do the... read more

How to be invisible

Making yourself invisible isn’t just the preserve of fantasy character Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak. It can be done. This is how you do... read more

Sigil page

First sculpt your sigils from your subconscious; then crystalline focus your intention. Fire-weave it into the ether; forget, and let it flow. Manifestation by effortless effort; and surfing the shimmering fate-strands via past... read more

Dark Forces in Old London Town

Best laid plans to leave my lucky manikin doll (see above) in Central London, Saturday, were scuppered by dark forces working against me. Ended up seeking counsel and advice in the backroom of a Chinese cafe in Chinatown – from a spirit medium (“wu”)... read more

Hollywood ghosts

The movie capital of the world is almost as famous for its spooks as it is for its stars. Hollywood. A place of glamour, fame, legends – and ghosts. Indeed, the movie capital of the world is almost as famous for otherworldly sightings as it is for its stars.... read more

Creepy clowns: The chaos has only just begun…

The creepy clown phenomenon could get out of hand – and I suppose already has what with clowns freaking out children, which could scar them for years. But equally I like the sheer chaos of it all. I see it as situationism, but most likely without an... read more


Who were the ancient Druids? And how authentic is their modern revival? As a teenager Philip Carr-Gomm got to know Philip Ross Nicholls, the then head of the “Order of Bards, Ovates Druids” (OBOD), which he had founded in 1964 after a split with the... read more

The Force…

Doktor Snake has started a London meetup group called The Force for results magickians and situationist sorcerers. It’s all about art, magick and aesthetic science. Doc says: The remit of The Force being to play with the very real illusion of reality, distort... read more

G.I. Gurdjieff & the “waking life”

In 1922, A.R. Orage, a noted London-based literary figure of the time, decided to sell his literary journal, The New Age, to become a pupil of Armenian mystic Georgei Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. When he arrived at Gurdfieff’s Institute for the Harmonious Development... read more

Ted Serios & his “thoughtography”

In 1963 Dr Jule Eisenbud, a respected psychologist and member of the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver, published an article arguing that it is impossible to devise a truly repeatable experiment in the field of psychical research. A reader disagreed and... read more