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Demon Biker: Johnny Redstone and the Midnite Mojo

When a demon biker appears beside you on the lonesome highway, you know you are in for a wild ride. You know nothing is what it seems and that the everyday world is melting away – a least for a time. But this is par for the course on the far edge of voodoo. You... read more

Do you cast emergency voodoo spells?

If time is short and you need action now, my voodoo magick sigil spells can be brought to bear on your situation quickly. I can perform the voodoo ritual within 48-hours of you ordering. A voodoo magick sigil spell puts you on the fast track and attunes you to the... read more

Money Sigil

Created during trance work travelling the far western reaches of the etheric plane, the land where strange animals roam and the flickering embers of power can be seized and brought back to the earthly... read more

Hypercharged Voodoo Dolls…

“These hypercharged voodoo dolls, or witchcraft poppets, are handcrafted and imbued with life and power by legendary voodoo man Doktor Snake. The poppets are artifacts of arcane sorcery that get the job done. If all else has failed, Doktor Snake’s advanced... read more

Voodoo Money Secrets (2): Re-Programming For Plenty

Many in the world find it hard to make ends meet. Life is a continual struggle from one paycheck or welfare check to the next. And yet money is abundant. It is all around. Trillions of dollars, pounds, yen, and deutschmarks flying around the globe every second. But... read more

Voodoo Money Secrets (1): Abundance

You might be poor and struggling to make ends meet. And it might seem like you will never get your head above water. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our planet has natural abundance built it as default. Just think of the fruit growing on the... read more

Does voodoo money magic work?

A reader from Georgia emailed me a while back, asking whether voodoo money magic really works. “And if so,” she said, “how long does it take for the money to come?” A good question. Voodoo money spells will bring you the edge. There’s no... read more

The Adventures of Jon Paul Chavalier By Nicklaus Lee

The video below is Nicklaus Lee talking about his first book The Adventures of Jon Paul Chavalier. He wasn’t a writer, but he had a dream with the whole story outlined… so he got down and wrote the whole book. And amazingly, with no prior experience, he... read more