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Voodoo man’s journey to a pyramid in rural England

OK, so we’re in the heart of the English countryside. I rode up here on my motorcycle. It’s a sunday morning. And we’re gonna walk over that’a way, and you’re gonna see a remarkable sight…something that should not be there in the... read more

Do money spells work?

I often get asked if money spells work. And if so, how long does it take for the money to come? There’s no doubt, voodoo money spells, visualization and positive thinking will bring you the edge. And will get you focused on seeing opportunities and making the... read more

Can you return your EX LOVER with voodoo?

If your lover has left you, you can bring ’em running back with voodoo. You can work a voodoo spell to return your ex. But the likelihood of them coming back is greatly increased if they still have a spark of love for you in their... read more

Voodoo Doll Curse

An occult bookseller acquaintance of mine, called Mike, one day decided to test out the power of a voodoo doll to curse somebody. He’d been talking about voodoo dolls with one of his staff, a guy called Phil, who said it was all a load of rubbish. Mike had some... read more

Voodoo in the Graveyard

Any voodoo man will tell you the best place to do rituals is in the graveyard. Old graveyards are best. In the UK, Edwardian or Victorian cemeteries are the ones to go for. If you wanna gain personal power or bring good luck, do the... read more

How to be invisible

Making yourself invisible isn’t just the preserve of fantasy character Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak. It can be done. This is how you do... read more

Sigil page

First sculpt your sigils from your subconscious; then crystalline focus your intention. Fire-weave it into the ether; forget, and let it flow. Manifestation by effortless effort; and surfing the shimmering fate-strands via past... read more

Dark Forces in Old London Town

Best laid plans to leave my lucky manikin doll (see above) in Central London, Saturday, were scuppered by dark forces working against me. Ended up seeking counsel and advice in the backroom of a Chinese cafe in Chinatown – from a spirit medium (“wu”)... read more