Voodoo gambling spells – win at games of chance

Posted by: on December 17, 2014

Gambling HandVoodoo gambling spells will help you get the edge in games of chance. They have always been the secret weapon of pro gamblers and of “gentlemen and gentlewomen of the tables.”

My most powerful voodoo gambling spell is the Gambling Hand. It attracts gambling luck and brings those elusive winning streaks to you more often.

The Gambling Hand – a “helping hand” voodoo gambling spell – is very much like a lucky mascot. Skeptics might say any apparent luck that comes your way is nothing more than sheer coincidence. But as any experienced gambler will tell you: You can feel when you are on a lucky streak and anything that helps this happen is a bonus not to be scoffed at.

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Voodoo job spells: Gain that extra confidence to pick up a key position

Posted by: on December 11, 2014

job page in newspaperIf you are in need of a job, or need to get a better job, a little voodoo – in terms of casting voodoo job spells – can bring you the edge. A Good Job Mojo, for example, will bring that extra confidence needed for interviews, as well as helping put you in the right place at the right time to pick up that key position.

Having voodoo job spells cast on your behalf can help you achieve your goals and ambitions in life.

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Do you have a voodoo spell to make a company successful?

Posted by: on December 9, 2014

3 Djinns Wealth FormulationIf you are looking to start a company and make it successful then my 3 Majik Djinns Formulation is the way to go. It will help bring opportunities to you and will create a kind of magnetism around you that attracts people.

A word of advice, though. When it comes to founding a company, your chosen avenue needs to be something you are passionate about. That way, you will keep going through thick and thin until you get into the big money.

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Can a voodoo spell really make me famous?

Posted by: on December 5, 2014

Voodoo Spirit BottleVoodoo spells can certainly help with fame and success. My Spirit Bottle is the most powerful and effective spellworking for this; it calls up mighty Jinn spirits to help propel you to the big time.

But here’s some advice, which is informed from the radically changing economics of the entertainment industry – which is currently hugely impacted by the disruptive technologies coming out of the internet revolution.

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Can a voodoo spell really bring my ex back – it’s been seven years?

Posted by: on December 2, 2014

Lover Back SpellThe longer the split has been the harder it will be to bring back an ex with a voodoo lover back spell, such as my Conjure Box working. It all depends on the circumstances of the split, and whether you are sill in touch with your ex.

Sometimes a couple simply weren’t meant to split up. But circumstances and events conspired to break them up. Yet a strong bond remains – one that can’t be denied. Many would call such a couple “soul mates.”

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Will a voodoo card reading tell me if I have been cursed or not? And will it identify who hexed me?

Posted by: on December 1, 2014

Voodoo Card ReadingsIf you have cause to believe you have been cursed, a voodoo card reading can reveal much information about what went on. Speaking through the cards, the spirits will reveal whether your body’s energy system has been violated by bad energy unleashed from a hex or curse.

If a curse has got through the barriers that protect your soul matrix, then this baleful energy will be stuck at a given point in your body/mind complex. It will be undermining you mentally and physically. And often your luck will have “flown.” Nothing will be going right in your life.

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Voodoo spell for business success

Posted by: on November 28, 2014

If you are looking for big time success in business then my business success voodoo spell – the 3 Majik Djinns Formulation – will help you achieve your ambitions. It will work upon the numinous to bring a favorable environment to your business endeavors. It will also help put you in the right place at the right time, and bring opportunities your way.

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