I get a lot of requests for voodoo spells to return a lost lover. Fortunately voodoo conjure deals with earthly passions as well as spiritual ones. So it follows that there are many ways to conjure your ex back, it’s just a case of finding the one that really resonates with you and feels right.

If your lover, spouse or partner has walked out on you, and you want them to return to you, this is one of the top spells that you can consider.

To do this working, you will need:

  • Two voodoo dolls, one to represent you, the other to represent your ex. You can either make or buy them, and if you chose to make them, you can jazz them up with personal bits and pieces to make them more powerful and specific to YOU.
  • Two red candles
  • Red ribbon
  • Come Back to Me Oil – again you can make or buy this, and if you fancy making you own, here is the recipe:

10 mls of olive oil (the purest you can find, preferably cold pressed)
5 drops of patchouli oil
1 drop of cinnamon oil
Some grated lemon peel

So it’s quite easy and straightforward, you just need to blend these together. The lemon rind is added as a “cleanser” to remove any negative energies between you and your ex. You can also add a small piece of lodestone to the bottle if you wish. But it’s fine without.

  • Some Come To Me incense, which again you can make or buy. This is your magick recipe if you want to whip up some of your own:

¼ teaspoon of black coffee powder
½ cup of grated pink candle wax
1 tablespoon of potato starch or tapioca flour
1 chopped up long stemmed rose (the more perfumed, the better)
2 tablespoons of dried jasmine or lavender flowers
1 teaspoon of raw sugar
1 teaspoon of coriander

Mix all of the ingredients together well, then melt them in a pan over a low heat. When it is all blended nicely, pour it into a mould and leave it to set. Once it has hardened, you simply break off small pieces and use them as needed.

  • A nice, shiny new nail

So now we have all of the good stuff collected together, this is what you do…

Set up your swamp voodoo working space and perform a simple opening ritual.

Anoint the two red candles with Come Back To Me Oil, remembering that in works of attraction, you rub the oil towards you, from the wick to the base of the candles.

Using the nail, write your name on one of the candles and the name of your ex on the other. Put the candles in a pair of nice, fancy candle holders and place them side by side on your altar.

Put the doll that represents you in front of the candle with your name on it, and the doll representing your ex in front of the candle with his or her name on it.

Place some of your supercharged Come Back To Me incense in a burner and light it. It’s a good idea to open a window so that the message carries out into the ether to your ex.

Now light the candles, and holding the two dolls in your hands, say:

“May the spirits of Love bring us back together again.
May the fires of passion burn in our hearts once again
And may an almighty bond hold us together, never to part again.”

Anoint each doll with seven drops of Come Back To Me Oil. Then bind the two dolls together with the red ribbon and say:

“Together forever, never shall we two lovers part!”

Some people recommend reciting The Song Of Solomon while you do this, but it’s so long that you may well have forgotten what you were doing by the time you get to the end of it, so unless you feel that’s needed, you can just say your thanks to the spirits at this point.

Perform a closing ritual, put out the candles and store the two dolls somewhere safe, away from prying eyes.

Once you’ve done the working, you need to be patient, but don’t totally rule out getting in touch with your ex by text, email, letter or phone. My choice would be to send a HANDWRITTEN letter to them asking how they are doing. Hardly anyone makes the effort to send a handwritten letter these days, so it immediately gets the right sort of attention.

The point of contacting your ex is that it opens up an earthly channel for the conjure to do its work. But on NO ACCOUNT must you beg them to come back. You must appear nonchalant and calm, as if you’re doing just fine without them. Simply give them the impression that you’d like to stay friends, as that is the mature thing to do.

Little will they know that all along you’ll be working your voodoo on them, until Cupid’s little arrow makes it too late to resist you workings.




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