Some people are eaten up with envy and malice, and will use any means to do you harm – including laying a hex on you. So how do you know you’re cursed?

You’re no doubt decent and would never wish anybody harm. But not everybody is like you. Some are consumed by jealousy and malice. And these are the types that will lay a curse on you, or hire a low-life spiritual worker to do so.

If you know somebody like this, it could be they’ve laid a curse on you. The question is, how would you know? Well since you’ve known them, has any of the following happened to you?

  1. Has your luck gone bad?
  2. Have you had money problems?
  3. Has your relationship hit a rough patch?
  4. Do you feel anxious and nervous?
  5. Has your boss been getting at you? And could your job be in jeopardy?
  6. Do you feel tired and listless?
  7. Do you feel depressed and down?
  8. Do you have bad dreams?
  9. Do things always seem to go from bad to worse?
  10. Are your family and friends avoiding you?
  11. Have you lost all joy in life?
  12. Does everything feel like a grind?
  13. Does it feel like people are watching you when you go out?

If any of these symptoms have beset you, then it is possible you have been cursed. Perhaps by a malicious acquaintance or even a so called friend or family member. It does happen. You would not be the first to have run into trouble with somebody you should be able to trust, but clearly can’t.

voodoo doll death curse

The methods used to curse you may have involved creating a voodoo doll, or witchcraft poppet doll, in a rough representation of your image. Pins or rusty nails could have been driven into it. Usually the person cursing you will have brought themselves into an emotional frenzy of hate and rage. This can be very powerful, especially if they channel that emotion as they stick pins into the doll, or hammer nails into it.

Other methods of laying a curse can involve using graveyard dirt and other baleful ingredients that are placed in a mojo bag or bottle, and put close to your home – or the ingredients are scattered close to your home.

In the end, there are many and varied ways of cursing somebody. And the person who has it in for you, might simply hire a skilled spiritual worker to do it – one that has little or no scruples.

All ways round, the important thing is to get rid of the curse – to remove it and ideally return it to sender.

So how do you remove a curse?

There are many and varied ways to remove a curse. Some can be very convoluted and involve lots of arcane ingredients, many of which can be hard to find or source. But one highly effective way to dispel a curse and return it to the sender is to use the following “mind power” technique, which was favored by my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured throughout my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook). This is what you do:

  1. Sit down and draw a circle of protection around you using your mind’s eye. See it start to glow, becoming red, slowly turning to orange, yellow, then gold.
  2. Notice how safe and protected you feel in the circle. You might feel a warm glow of warmth flooding through you.
  3. Now visualize the curse in any form that works for you. It could look like a demon or simply a black cloud, or anything along those lines.
  4. See the curse moving towards you, but being stopped by your circle of protection. Eventually another circle grows around the curse, trapping it.
  5. So you are in your protective circle; the curse is in another circle, utterly unable to escape.
  6. See the curse being squeezed by the circle it’s trapped in. See the curse shrinking, see the life being sucked out of it. Then say, “Begone! Return to your creator! Do with him or her what you will.”
  7. Next thing, in your mind’s eye, hurl the curse, which is still trapped in its circle, into the distance. Imagine it hurtling right back to its creator and wreaking all sort of harm on them.
  8. To finish up, simply imagine your protective circle closing around you so it’s almost like a body suit. This will keep you protected and safe from all harm.

The other key thing to do is make sure the person you believe has cursed you is out of your life. You don’t want them hanging around scheming to do you wrong all the time.

On balance, the above mind power ritual should ensure that any bad work laid on you is removed. And you will start to see things beginning to improve in your life. Your luck should return and your money and relationship situation will start to get back on track.

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