A woman in her forties – who I’ll call Mary – got in touch last year. She was going through a difficult divorce. Yes, she’d very likely get custody of her two daughters. But her husband was objecting to her having half the worth of the house they lived in, which was in an affluent part of London.

“He says the house was bought on his sweat and toil and that I only deserve a small settlement from him,” Mary said. “But I bore his children and did most of the bringing up – he even slept in a hotel during the time they were tiny and waking in the night. It’s so unfair. The truth is he wants all the money to lavish on his mistress, a 25-year-old floozy.”

She’s not alone, this is a very common story.

Anyway, I fixed Mary up with a voodoo spell for divorce success – a voodoo doll working. It was all about manipulating the fibers of fate so she got what was rightfully hers. She also had a good lawyer, which meant she was firing on all cylinders – on the practical, everyday level and on the unseen, numinous level.

When it came to court, Mary certainly went through the mill. Things looked bleak for a while. Then the whole thing picked up impetus and she scored a victory, the settlement being half the house and a fair amount of money. Unsurprisingly, Mary was overjoyed. And so was I. She truly deserved it as her husband had treated her appallingly.

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