X Factor star Cheryl Cole is reportedly about to meet up with her estranged husband Ashley Cole, the Chelsea footballer. Their marriage split because Ashley cheated on her. But word has it that there is a possibility he could charm her into giving him a second chance.

If he succeeds, how can Cheryl be sure Ashley won’t cheat on her yet again?

One way to avoid this is to use an old voodoo conjure remedy – a Penis Jinxer spell. It renders a man unable to get aroused with anyone else but you. This would be ideal for Cheryl Cole if she takes Ashley back. It would put her mind at rest.

Apparently Ashley has been texting Cheryl, begging her for a second chance. According to Cheryl’s friends, Ashley knows how to switch on the charm and could well succeed in persuading her to give the marriage another go.

Anyway, if Cheryl does take Ashley back, she needs to cast the voodoo Penis Jinxer spell so she can be sure of Ashley’s fidelity. The spell involves collecting together a blue penis candle, Ju Ju oil, a voodoo doll and taking public hairs (surreptitiously) from Ashley Cole. After setting up a simple altar with a couple of candles, Cheryl would take Ashley’s pubic hairs and glue them to the crotch region of the voodoo doll.

Using a new nail, she’d write Ashley’s name on the blue penis candle. Then would place the base of the penis candle between the legs of the voodoo doll, so it looks as if it is the doll’s erect penis.

After rubbing Ju Ju oil on the penis candle, stroking downwards, she’d repeat the following charm seven times:

“Penis candle, oh penis candle,
as I stroke you with these oils,
Keep Ashley’s nature from rising
for anyone but me.”

Cheryl would light the candle and let it burn down by half-an-inch each day. Once it has burned out, Ashley would be physically unable to stray again.

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