On Friday night, someone in the Long Beach area of California won $133 million on the Mega Millions Lottery. They scored the jackpot, winning a sum of money beyond most people’s wildest dreams. The jackpot had gone weeks without a winner and so had become a massive sum.

Of course, the winner will have to pay tax on it, but they’ll still be left with a truly life-changing amount of money.

Oddly enough, a few weeks back, I had someone from Long Beach asking me whether voodoo spells can improve your chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot. They even bought one of my Voodoo Lottery/Gambling Spells. I doubt that they were the $133 million winner as they would have told me 😉 But it’s a curious coincidence.

Anyway, I told the person who emailed me that it’s always worth making voodoo spells part of your armory for winning at games of chance. In some weird and mysterious way (which isn’t measurable by science), it does seem to improve the odds of you winning something.

With lotteries, though, you should always remember that the odds are heavily stacked against you. That said, somebody has to win… and that somebody could be you. There’s no reason why not. It’s all down to Lady Luck smiling on you – and that smile is precisely what voodoo spells are designed to encourage.

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