A key part of conjure work is knowing the best time to do rituals. The phases of the moon are worth taking into account. Some say the lunar currents have a measurable effect on us. This may be true. But what I look for is the flickering glimmersparks of fate that dance on the edge of reality.

When I see them I know I’m rolling with the ebb and flow of destiny. And hooking into the phases of the moon seems to help with this. It puts me in sync with the natural rhythms. Most importantly, though, it brings my subconscious mind to the fore – which is what voodoo conjuration is all about.

The waxing moon is best for works of increase, such as gaining money, love or good health. The waning moon is best for works of lessening, such as reducing poverty, losing unwanted and annoying people. It’s also good for works of destruction, hexing and cursing.

The full moon is typically seen as a time of great power. That’s why many practitioners do their most important rituals at this time.

Some say the full moon is the best time for works of black magic.

But an old contact of mine, the Reverend Gary Fox, an old time Texan voodoo worker, dismissed the idea. He said:

“It’s a crock of pig shit. Dark of the moon’s when you wanna do the black work. Year or so back I had trouble with some neighbour’s of mine. They kept swarmin’ onto my land like pesky varmints. Tried everything to move ’em out. Even tried dynamitin’ them out. Nothin’ worked. So I did a little black work one midnight at the dark of the moon. And they were out like a mule with a scud missile up its ass.”

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