A young woman emailed me this morning asking if I’d got a voodoo spell to make her guy more committed. She wanted him to love her more.

Obviously, there’s a free will question when it comes to voodoo love binding and commitment spells.

The best cases are where a partner in a committed relationship simply wants a voodoo love binding spell to keep things that way long term. Some people, for example, ask me to cast binding spells for them before they get married or before they start living with someone.

But when one person in a relationship is less committed than the other, the whole thing is more tricky.

It’s not so much a question of interfering with free will, it’s more about casting a voodoo spell to clear away psychological blockages that are standing in the way of commitment. These blockages could be a fear of commitment which manifests even when a guy is with the perfect woman for him.

That’s why I often suggest doing a Clearing Root working first before fixing up a voodoo binding or commitment spell.

It’s all about creating the most auspicious circumstances possible in a relationship. And in the end, what will be… will be.

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