Melvyn emailed me from Iowa yesterday. Everything had nose-dived in his life – love, money, career and luck. And he wanted to know how best to turn it all around.

I suggested various things – from a fast luck voodoo doll to a spirit bottle working – but added that he might carry a bottle of conjure water with him wherever he goes.

Conjure water is similar to holy water found in the Christian church and in voodoo and other folk magic traditions.

I make up a bottle and leave it overnight at a lonely country crossroads a few miles from me to charge it with numinous energy.

The idea is to sprinkle a few drops on yourself before doing anything important – say before going out on a first date with someone special. Or you could sprinkle some on your résumé before mailing it to potential employers. You could also sprinkle a few drops on your car before going on a long journey, to keep yourself safe from accidents.

Conjure water is an all round voodoo magic tool – alchemically transformed at a place of power – to act quickly in any situation you need turned to your advantage.

Anyway, Melvyn went for five bottles of conjure water to keep him going, and a lucky voodoo doll to get his life back on track.

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