James from Scotland emailed me some time back about his wife who had left him for another guy. I asked him what had led to the break up. Apparently, they’d been married five years and had ended up with very little to say to one another, and they were arguing over the slightest things.

His wife met the other guy at the bar she worked in. The two ended up having an affair, and eventually she left James for the other guy.

“Look,” said James. “Things might not have been great between us towards the end, but we were soul mates. She shouldn’t be with this guy, she should be with me.”

“Doing a voodoo spell – a Conjure Box ritual – to get your wife back would be the obvious thing to do in the circumstances,” I said. “But you’d also have to get it across to your wife that things will definitely be different if she comes back. You’d have to make that promise to her.”

James was happy to do whatever it takes to get his wife back. It definitely needed the phenomenal power of the Voodoo Conjure Box ritual and some strategic advice from me. But in around four months the voodoo spell worked and James and his wife were reunited. They worked out their differences too.

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