A young woman, who I’ll call Gwyneth, came to me a year or so ago. She had been with living with a guy for just over four years and they were about to get married. Both were very happy. But Gwyneth wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

“Everything is going great, Doc, the relationship is very loving and passionate,” she said. “It’s just I want to keep my lover true to me for life. I don’t want his passion and commitment to fade.”

In such circumstances I typically recommend a voodoo love binding spell. After some thought, Gwyneth decided this was what she wanted. So I fixed up two voodoo dolls, one to represent Gwyneth, the other her husband-to-be. During the ritual I bound the two dolls together using red thread – a symbol of ever-lasting commitment.

I also put together some magical oils, which I create from plant and root essences. These are used to anoint the voodoo dolls.

Once I was done, I mailed the voodoo dolls and oils over to Gwyneth, along with instructions on what she could do to personalize the working. And within a few weeks Gwyneth and her partner were married, as planned.

In a sense, voodoo love binding spells become part of the ceremony of marriage itself. They make up an alternative ritual…a secret one on the part of one of the partners.

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