Guy came to me a while back. Said his boss was a low-down hard-ass bully. Always pig-doggin’ him for this or that. His boss even forced him up against a wall saying: “I know you need this job for your family – that means I can do what I like with you!”

I said to the guy: “Sounds like you need one of my special recipe voodoo hex bombs, hit this scum-ass with some dynamite. Teach him a lesson he never forget. Bam! Straight between his eyes!”

My voodoo hex bombs consist of special herbs and roots collected at the dark of the moon. During a midnight ritual I place these in empty cigar tubes – leaving the cigars as an offering to the spirits. After that I create a Demon Paper, a binding contract for the spirits to hex the ass off your enemy.


Suffice to say, my client’s boss crash and burned within a very short time of being hit with the hex bombs.

“He ran out the place like a scared rat,” related my client. “Like he’d got the demons of hellfire on his tail.”

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