Horse racing offers good odds of regular winnings – so long as you study form and betting strategies. It’s not wise to be lazy when it comes to gambling. Always study the math. But you also need Lady Luck to smile down on you. This is where a little ole black magick comes in.

If you are serious about betting on horse racing then a trip to the graveyard to summon the lucky gambling spirits may be in order.

This is what I do to create my secret Jack the Victor Lucky Gambling Amulet. At an auspicious time – when the moon is smiling – I go down to a local graveyard where I know an old time Victorian gambler was buried. I take an offering of silver coins and rum.

In a Voodoo spirit trance I invoke Jack the Victor to appear and offer him your petitions This powerful Voodoo spirit then activates the various magical items that go into the amulet – including the lucky Jack the Victor root. This produces a powerful luck-drawing amulet that should be carried with you when you bet on the horses.

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