Lady Gaga booed at perfume launch: Angry fans booed Lady Gaga last night after she arrived over an hour late for a public appearance and then dashed indoors before many had even caught a glimpse of her… Via

Buyers of Lady Gaga’s fragrance Fame need to be wary as it could lead to possession by demons or by the Devil himself. This is all down to a bungled pact with Satan that Lady Gaga reportedly made back in high school.

Let me explain…

The swamp voodoo grapevine has long been abuzz with rumours that Lady Gaga hired a mysterious New York based conjure woman and spiritist to school her in the art of conjuring up the Devil and selling your soul to Satan for fame and riches. This allegedly happened towards the end of Lady Gaga’s (or Stefani Germanotta’s, as she was then known) time at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, the private all-girls Roman Catholic school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Don’t get me wrong, I see no problem in selling your soul to Satan. So long as you do it right, it’s an act of tremendous, earth-shakin’ power that will propel you to fame and fortune. Get it wrong, though, and the very demons of Hell will possess you and send you down a road of increasing madness until you get sucked into the fires of damnation and are possessed by dark primal entities from the pit of Hell.

This seems to have happened with Lady Gaga – as evidenced at the launch of her Fame perfume in London’s Harrod’s department store where, as Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reports, she “snubbed fans when she refused to walk the full length of a specially themed black carpet, and then went inside before some had caught sight of her, leading to a chorus of boos.”

Fact is, Lady Gaga’s behaviour and appearance have become increasingly bizarre. And a certain ole conjure man of my acquaintance insists he can see serpents and other demonic forces carousing through her body. “If ya watch closely at interview footage with Lady Gaga,” he says, “you will see slight undulations of her flesh like serpents are swimmin’ around in her body. This a sign that she bungled the pact with the dark man and is inhabited by evil.”

He added that Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume is very likely “contaminated” with unearthly demonic forces that in a worst case scenario could possess the wearer – totally take them over.

He said:

“Ya see, that fragrance is black until sprayed on the body and it contains Deadly Nightshade [Belladonna] ‘long with honey, saffron and apricot. None o’ this is an accident. Ya see, the Devil and his demonic host they like to talk with a sweet tongue when leading you down the path of temptation into evil. Anybody wearin’ that Fame perfume could have the Devil his-self comin’ to them in their dreams…and make no mistake they will be possessed. They’ll find they do things outta character, they’ll become wild and uncontrolled and won’t be able to explain why they did things. They’ll say terrible things that upset people – including to families. Relationships will break up and often they’ll do things people consider low and immoral. That’s jus’ the way it is. And it’s all down to a bungled deal with the Devil by Lady Gaga. But any good conjure doctor worth their salt could sort it out…question is whether Lady Gaga is too far gone or not. My advice is don’t go near that Fame perfume. It’s eaten up with evil.”

As a final note, I must point out that dealing with the Devil and demons is no more than an ancient technology. If you use an iPhone you have a great deal of power at your disposal that helps you operate in the world. It’s the same with conjuring demons and the Devil… it’s just the rewards are greater and you stand to wield incredible power that can propel you from poverty to fame and riches in a relatively short time. But only proviso is: You must have NO FEAR when using demonic technologies.

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