Voodoo man Doktor Snake is on the war path, hammering nails into a voodoo doll to lay a tombstone curse on a person.

Doc says:

“You don’t wanna do this lightly. Laying a voodoo curse or hex on somebody is best kept in reserve, like a nuclear warhead… primed and ready to go. But if somebody gone done you serious wrong, well, there maybe a case for to hit the nuke button. Like if somebody threatening you, or done you harm, or living in your house and not paying their rent and taking advantage of your good nature… well, in those cases you might wanna fix up a voodoo doll and hammer in a few nails to make the malifactor back off and mend their ways… or stick ’em six foot under. Up to you. A voodoo doll, fixed up right, will do the trick.”

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