Author & mystic Pip DeBelfry relates the intriguing story of how, after her husband deserted her and left her with nothing, she encountered a mysterious entity that changed her life…

From the desk of Pip DeBelfry:

A decade or so ago I was at my wit’s end. This was due to my marriage breaking up. My husband had run off with another woman and left me with nothing. He didn’t even pay child support.

Every day it was a terrible struggle just to put food on the table for my two children. Nothing seemed to go right in my life. It was just endless drugery and trying to make ends meet.

I felt like giving up. I carried on for my kids’ sake.

But I was like a zombie. An all-pervading bleakness beset my every waking moment. I ended up on anti-depressants to cope, but they made me feel even more numb.

And then it happened…

One night, I’d drunk half-a-bottle of vodka, which made me feel even worse. I started sobbing uncontrollably, totally despondent at the state of my life, forever struggling to scrape up pennies to eat and pay bills.

I was in despair.

And then, through my tears, I felt a presence lying in bed beside me…

I didn’t dare look round. I knew it wasn’t one of my kids. And it couldn’t have been some psycho who’d broken in as I’d locked my house up securely before going to bed. And besides, I’d have heard movement in the house and footsteps on the stairs, had somebody been able to get in the house.

I was terrified. And believe you me, I’d totally sobered up at this point!

What was this thing lying next to me? Was it a ghost? A poltergeist? A spirit of somekind? I’d certainly had unusual supernatural experiences in the past – like things mysteriously appearing and disappearing… and the ghost of a family member appearing in the house. So I was no stranger to this kind of thing.

But this was different. I could hear whatever it was breathing.

It was truly frightening. I was literally shaking.

And then I somehow mustered up the courage to look round…

Lying next to me was a woman – a woman who looked exactly like me.

It WAS me.

It was my double.

But somehow different. She – me – was self-possessed, confident, and full of vibrant energy.

It was like she was the woman I could be…


>>> Part Two of Pip DeBelfry’s Other Self story will be out on Friday. Watch this space!

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Pip DeBelfry is an author and mystic. She publishes “Magic, Mystery & Witchery” ezine, collects curios, and offers spellcasting help and advice to people around the world.
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