Author & mystic Pip DeBelfry relates the intriguing story of how, after her husband deserted her and left her with nothing, she encountered a mysterious entity that changed her life…

In the first part of The Other Self story by Pip DeBelfry, we discovered how Pip’s life was a difficult struggle, bringing up her children on next to nothing, and not even getting child support from her husband, who had run off with another woman.

“I was like a zombie, an all pervading bleakness beset my every waking moment,” she said, going on to describe how she ended up on anti-depressants.

Then one night, at her wit’s end, half-drunk on vodka, Pip went to bed crying – and was startled to find a presence lying next to her in bed. Terrified, she wondered if it was a ghost or poltergeist. When she mustered the courage to look round, she was shocked to find a woman lying next to her – “a woman who looked just like me,” she said. “It was me…[but] it was like she was the woman I could be…”

From the desk of Pip DeBelfry:

I did wonder if I’d gone mad. The woman – that looked exactly like me – seemed so real. It was terrifying.

She was my doppelganger – my double…

But she had this serene, confident smile. She made me feel at peace, despite all the troubles I was going through and the sheer depression I had felt for so long.

At one stage, it got so bad, I didn’t go out for four months. I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Crowded places made me feel anxious. And I’d cross the street if I saw somebody I knew – even if I liked them.

Another time, I got so down I put my head in the freezer for an hour. To this day, I have no idea why I did that. My daughter looked on scared and not knowing what to do.

It was no wonder my doctor put me on anti-depressants. But in truth, they just numb you and put your life in limbo. You feel nothing.

And my house became a reflection of my mind…

I let it get so cluttered I could hardly move. I allowed newspapers to accumulate into monumental piles, and I kept and stored food packaging, empty bottles and cans, and even candy wrappers

And yet, when I looked at this woman who looked just like me, I felt that I could get over all this and not only live my life again, but actually become everything I could be.

And then my double spoke…

“I am your other self,” she said. “I am your plus entity, and you have become the minus entity. In your despair, you have given up on life. You have let negativity consume you. And that is why I have separated from you.”

“But don’t you think I have every right to be negative, the way things have gone in my life,” I protested.

“You have that choice,” replied my double. “But if you take the negative route, you let those who have misused you win. And all they do is take more and more from you, until there is nothing left to take. Is it not better to rise up and find your inner strength, the vibrant power that lies within? To seize the moment and become all you can be? To tower above those who would misuse you? To rise to the heights of what you truly are?”

At that point I began to feel sleepy. The booze I’d consumed was taking its toll. And I slowly sank into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, I presumed it had all been a vivid – and rather unique – dream. I turned over in my bed and there was no sign of my double. But as I moved to get up, there was a noise in the room.

Someone was there…

My heart pounding, I looked round. There was my double, shuffling through some papers on my desk.

“Good, you’re awake,” she said. “Today, we are going to go out and explore your world.”

“But I don’t like going out,” I said. “If I go out I have panic attacks.”

My double smiled that serene smile again, and said: “We are going to open a new door in your life. But it is up to you whether you walk through it. You have the choice. But if you don’t walk through the door I will separate from you for good. You will lose your plus entity. And you, the minus entity, will eventually shrivel to nothing and become an empty shell.”

She gestured for me to take her hand, and I had to decide whether to take it or not, and walk through the door…


>>> Part Three of Pip DeBelfry’s Other Self story will be out next Tuesday. Watch this space!

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Pip DeBelfry is an author and mystic. She publishes “Magic, Mystery & Witchery” ezine, collects curios, and offers spellcasting help and advice to people around the world.
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