Author & mystic Pip DeBelfry relates the intriguing story of how, after her husband deserted her and left her with nothing, she encountered a mysterious entity that changed her life…

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From the desk of Pip DeBelfry:

It had been a few months from my strange experience of meeting my Other Self. I was getting on with things and putting my all into pursuing my new “filled with purpose” life.

It really had changed everything for me. I found that people responded to me much more positively. Previously, for example, at work, I was often treated and spoken to like a “dogsbody.” But now they asked me if I’d be okay to work given hours, rather than just handing me the rota and expecting me to go along with it. They even started saying please and thank you and, on occasion, went as far as paying me extra.

It seemed that having purpose and resolving to be in command of my “mental ship” had implications beyond my immediate situation; it affected the world around me.

People treated me with much greater respect and consideration.

It certainly showed me that the only person who can change things in your life is you. Looking to others or circumstances to improve your life is a road to nowhere.

But just when I thought my experience with my Other Self was over, something strange happened…

On my way home from work, from a distance, I saw a woman leave my gate, and head off around the block. I presumed she was leafleting and thought no more of it.

When I opened my front door, however, I noticed a letter on the doormat with my name handwritten on the front of the envelope.

I opened it and it read:

“To the other me.”

The letter was from my Other Self. The contents were as follows:

“My dear,

My job is now done, and I must say farewell. You won’t see me again. Although, in truth, I will always be with you, and you with me. For we are one.

You now know that you and all humans on this planet create their own realities, which can be positive or negative. It is up to each one of us to choose.

And the only real freedom any of us have is in our own minds. Through our imagination we can create and sculpt the lives we desire. Anything we can conceive of can become manifest if we but direct our will to that end.

In accepting this truism, we can decide how we want our lives to be, and set about making it happen with resolve and unstoppable will.

Nothing can hold use back when we are set upon a definite path. Failure and setbacks are nothing more than learning experiences that allow us to further adjust our path to ensure we arrive at our desired destination.

Always remember, there is an Other Self within, one you were born with, and ever prepared to help you towards your destiny in life – so long as you are prepared to set a definite path in life, and stick resolutely to it.

That is all. I wish you adieu…”

After reading the letter, I put it away in my bureau. Feeling somewhat bewildered at having yet another strange experience, I made myself a cup of tea and mused on it all. It was clear something almost “otherworldly” had occurred. It couldn’t just be put down to my subconscious intervening to lift me out of the long-term depression I had been suffering.

A couple of days later I decided to reread the letter from my Other Self. I opened the bureau. The letter was gone… I looked all through the bureau, but there was no sign of it. Yet I distinctly remembered putting it there.

While I was saddened by this – as yet again, I didn’t have any tangible proof that my strange experience actually happened and wasn’t just in my head – I was also very happy because I knew that, whatever the experience was, my life had changed for the better.

Quite literally everything had changed…

And out of my days of long-term depression, I now new joy and verve. Each day was an adventure.

Even if nothing particularly significant or exciting happened, I was appreciative of all I’d got, and all challenges became opportunities to pursue my definite purpose in life with vigour and enthusiasm.

In short, I was happy. What more could anybody want?

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Pip DeBelfry is an author and mystic. She publishes “Magic, Mystery & Witchery” ezine, collects curios, and offers spellcasting help and advice to people around the world.
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