With UK Drill music coming under increasing flak from the authorities, voodoo man Doktor Snake defends the genre, calling for it to fight the real enemy – the ruling elite…

Doc says:

“Drill music has a cool laid back beat with a lyrical hardness. It’s a reflection of urban street life, it’s pain and struggles. But I would make one criticism of the gang culture that reportedly surrounds Drill. And that is:

Wouldn’t it be better to point your guns and knives at the real enemy, and not at each other?

And the real enemy is the ruling class, mega-corporations, bankers, and so on, what some call the New World Order too.

So I say fight that. Start a new peasants revolt like Wat Tyler did in 14th century England. Sure, he failed to bring down the ruling elite. But that was then; this is now. So Drill and gang culture could direct their energies at taking down today’s power elite, and look to creating a fair and genuine freemarket system where everybody has an equal chance to do what they wanna do in life.

This would be like results magick; redirecting the mind, your inner world, to alter the ‘reality’ around you. Drill music is big and underground. So it could do that. Fight the system. Remove the system. Direct the music to a revolution where there is no government, where everything is run by the people in a freemarket system.

So that’s what I say to the Drill crews; get magickal. Visualize in your mind’s eye, peace and a better world, and the removal of state systems (which are oppressive even in so-called democracies) and make your internal pictures of freedom manifest in the ‘real’ world.”

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