She came for a reading. She wanted me to diagnose why her luck had gone bad, why nothing had gone right for months.

What’s more, she’d been waking in the night, convinced something was in the room with her. This got worse. She’d wake with a start, sure someone, or something, had its hands around her throat, and was about to strangle her.

For privacy reason, I’ll call her Josie.

Well, when I lay down the cards for Josie, every last one was bad. The omens were dire. And it looked to me like she’d been hexed. I knew something had to be done, and fast!

First thing I did was fix her up with a protection amulet she could carry, and keep by her bed at night.

When I questioned Josie more I discovered that her guy – her baby daddy – had left her for another woman a few months back.

“He left me for white trash,” she told me.

Turned out the white woman was deep into witchcraft and had fixed up some seriously bad work on Josie. From what I could make out, Josie’s guy had been regretting his decision to leave her, and the white woman was having none of it, and was set on taking Josie down.

She’d also done work to ensure that Josie’s guy didn’t go back to Josie.

Within days, I got down to performing my Joe the Preacher working to totally offset and destroy the bad work – and most importantly to banish the evil spirit that had been unleashed by the white woman witch.

I was confident the problems would be removed and that Josie would be fine.

I was wrong…

Things got worse! She started getting spiritual attacks many times in the night – to the point where she didn’t want to go to bed. It was like the white woman had sense my intervention and turned up the heat.

I immediately cranked up the action. Went to the graveyard, called on Joe the Preacher again, and cemented the power of the working by doing my triple-action casting method, which is pretty tiring and entails dealing with powerful and terrifying forces… not something I do lightly, but in this case, the bad work on Josie had got out of hand.

Fortunately this did the trick. Josie called me saying that she’d slept through the night with no spiritual attacks, and even her luck was beginning to improve.

“I got another job, Doc,” she said, “things are finally looking up again. For the first time in ages, I feel good!”

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