Cast a spell to manifest your dreams and wishes in life…

So how does a wish spell work? It’s simple. By casting a spell – in this case a spell to manifest your wishes – you are laser-focusing your magickal intention (as in your wish). You are making it tangible in your mind.

In other words, you are turning your wish into a definite aim, and handing this definite aim over to your subconscious mind, which is the powerhouse within that gets things done.

So without further ado, let’s look at three wish spells that can turn your dreams into reality…

I-Ching Wish Spell

This one is Chinese in origin, and you’ll need nine I-Ching coins, which you can pick up pretty easily (run a search on ebay). You’ll also need a length of red cord.

You can choose up to nine wishes, one for each coin. Or if you prefer, you can repeat one or two wishes for extra power and emphasis.

String each coin onto the red thread, one at a time, and with each coin that you thread, concentrate on a wish. Make sure that you knot each coin onto the thread separately, to “tie in” the wish.

When you’ve completed your string of I-Ching coins, keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes.

After that you can use it anytime to focus on your wishes – much like somebody in the Catholic faith would use a rosary. Simply pass each coin through your fingers as you focus on one wish at a time.

Voodoo wish spell

This voodoo wish charm uses a red mojo bag. First thing is to write your wish on a petition paper, and place it in the mojo bag along with a rattlesnake root, some Low John the Conqueror, some shed snakeskin and five Job’s Tears.

When it’s completed, dress it with a luck oil such as Van Van Oil or Lucky Lodestone oil.

Carry the red mojo bag with you and visualize the wishes you have made each time you touch the bag.

Wishing fan

Another way to manifest your wishes is to make a wishing fan. First off, fold a sheet of paper and fold it like an accordion.

Write a wish on each fold of the fan. Again, like the I-Ching Wish Spell, you can choose as many wishes as there are folds, or you can repeat one or two specific wishes.

Carefully light the fan. Close your eyes and concentrate on the wishes you have written on the fan. If the fan burns to ashes, this is a very auspicious sign. If the flame goes out, anything that is still legible on the fan needs more spellwork to bring it into manifestation.

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