“Wait one hot minute,” was what he said. “The 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation has changed my life. I got the money, I got the wealth. And I got the power and influence that go with serious finances. The world… no the whole goddamn universe is bending to my will. I’m on a roll. The BIGGEST roll of my life. The secret of universal abundance is mine.”

This was one of my clients. A music entrepreneur who I’ll call Sheik BeatJam for privacy reasons. When he was up and coming, he commissioned me to perform a “neutron bomb” money working to help propel him into the big league.

Sheik BeatJam knew I’d used voodoo conjure during the 1990s as part of my strategy to escape poverty and gain financial success. And he wanted me to use all the knowledge I’d got to fix up a working even stronger than the ones I’d used for myself. The working I came up with became the 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation.

Results began to show almost immediately. More money and business opportunities started coming Sheik BeatJam’s way. But don’t get me wrong. The mega money didn’t flow in overnight. Why? Because NOTHING DOES. Even with the scariest, most powerful conjure work you can dream up, you’ve still got to put in the hours developing your business, marketing and promo efforts. Not to mention continually honing up your products or service so it is the best it can be.

That said, within a couple of years Sheik BeatJam’s business went into a meteoric rise, the “neutron bomb” 3 Djinns Wealth Formulation brought him all the rewards…and more. He now drives a Cadillac Escalade and has a 1972 Impala for retro kitsch. Plus he wears top designer clothes, lives in a mansion in an upmarket part of town, and has all the gadgets and gizmos you could imagine. Not to mention all the romantic attentions he can handle.

Of course, as part of his success, he gets recognition and respect. This comes hand-in-hand for anyone that has created their own empire.

The bottom line is: The 3 Majik Djinns Wealth Formulation is the most powerful alligator-crushing money conjure imaginable… Right now, I’m considering whether or not to offer it online or to keep it under wraps.

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