If strange inexplicable events are happening in your home, it could be haunted…

Spirits and ghosts most likely reside in a parallel dimension to the one we occupy. But these worlds can – and often do – merge at certain times or under certain conditions. And quite literally a spirit can enter your house. This will likely mean you will experience various types of paranormal or spooky phenomena. Curious things will happen that aren’t easily explained.

The problem is if the spirit decides to stay… If you aren’t comfortable with sharing  your home with a spirit, then life will prove difficult.

So what are the seven signs that your home could be haunted?

  1. Light bulbs burn out more often than is natural.
  2. Seeing figures or shadows out of the corner of your eye, but when you look around, nothing is there.
  3. Hearing voices or whispers – even your name being called – but when you investigate nobody is around, and no radios or TVs have been left on.
  4. Lights turning on and off of their own accord – or any other electrical devices coming on or going off.
  5. Sudden drops in temperature in a specific part of your house.
  6. Unexplained noises, like dishes being dropped, but when you go and look, nothing is there.
  7. If you’ve got pets they react to seeing something you can’t see. Like a dog barking at thin air, or a cat staring into space as if someone or something is there.

What can you do if your house is haunted?

Well, it can stop of its own accord – the spirit leaves for pastures new. More often than not, though, the situation will get worse, with ghostly phenomena increasing, sometimes becoming more and more extreme.

If this is the case, one solution is to call in a medium, or a voodoo man like me who has regular dealings with the spirit world. They’ll be able to advise you and/or communicate with the spirit and look to ushering it into the “light” – and thus restore peace to your home.

It’s also worth considering what may have attracted the spirit into your home in the first place…

It could be you visited a graveyard for some reason, and the spirit latched on to you and followed you home (this is why I recommend you exit a graveyard walking backwards, only turning your back when you leave the gates). Alternatively, you might have spent a night in a haunted building like a castle or stately home.

Or you might have used a Ouija board or held a seance – even if this was purely for fun, you can still inadvertently set off spirit activity. The same goes for casting spells, especially if it involved calling on the spirits or ancestors. Mostly this won’t cause you a problem, but it can do.

On balance, if it turns out your house is haunted, it is best to get something done about it – unless, that is, you are happy to live with it. Some people are and positively relish sharing their home with a ghost.

Infographic 7 Signs A Spirit Has Entered Your House
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