Doktor Snake is an antiquarian and legendary author of Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, the world’s #1 bestselling book on voodoo (see Doktor Snake’s US or UK Amazon author pages). While Dark Angel is an acclaimed poet, weaver of obsidian spells, and an expert on demonology (since she was fifteen).

Together, Doktor Snake and Dark Angel write “black books” (grimoires) and offer authoritative counsel on the art and practice of galdur (magic), demonology, voodoo and obsidian sorcery.

Today Doktor Snake and Dark Angel divide their time between London, the Deep South, and their country retreat on the eastside of paradise, where neither can be reached by phone, email or social media. Only true blood sorcerers know how to reach them there. Doktor Snake and Dark Angel walk on the edge of forever and always pay heed to their dreams.


Doktor Snake & Dark Angel seek to use their esoteric knowledge to help empower people and free them up from the societal chains that hold them back. To them, everybody on this earth is a god within, a shining star of oscillating power, free to roam the multiverse as they will. But this realization has been suppressed by those who seek to profit from us and oppress us. Doktor Snake and Dark Angel seek to restore this knowledge to all those ready to receive it.

Did you know?

Every year on Halloween night Doktor Snake and Dark Angel entertain their ancestors from the far-distant past of their homelands, whose ghosts dine and drink dark rum with them.

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