Gary from Chicago called me wanting a voodoo protection spell. He said bad things kept happening to him – if something could go wrong, it would go wrong…

“I’m totally accident prone,” he said. “My car gets hit more often than is natural. It’s only minor collisions, but who knows what’s coming next? I also trip on the sidewalk more often than anyone I’ve ever known. The other day I fell over my cat onto my TV and smashed it. I couldn’t just land on the couch, it had to be on my new HD TV. This has been going on since I was a kid.”

I did a reading for him to find out what was going on. The cards had a strange configuration that suggested there was an accumulation of bad energy surrounding him, possibly as a result of unpaid karmic debts from a past life.

I said:

“It’s like something went on in the past, and you’re paying the price now. First thing we need to do is a voodoo protection spell to contain the bad energy and stop it affecting you. After that, you’re going to need a spiritual cleansing working, which we’ll fix up to wipe out the karmic debt – and that will include you giving an offering…”

I suggested we do a voodoo protection spell to break Gary’s proneness to accidents and to stop all the bad things happening to him. This involved charging up a spirit bag and “voodoo angel” manikin doll during a ritual. along with mixing root and plant oils geared to remove ingrained detrimental patterning from his subconscious mind.

This proved to be a real success. Within a week, Gary was having less accidents and felt far more positive in his life.

From there, we did a spiritual cleansing working to clear his karmic debts, which ensured that the problems Gary had been having stayed away for good. It totally removed the negative energies that had surrounded him, allowing him to lead the kind of life he wanted to lead.

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