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For Kristi if she wishes to go ahead with this.

SEAL THE KNOT: Vision trance sigil spell performed on your behalf by Doktor Snake. Involves creating and casting a Galdur (magick) “Seal The Knot” sigil,  personalized to you, into the ether. We send you an email letter  containing the sigil and outlining how Doktor Snake cast the spell for you, along  with simple instructions for connecting yourself to the power of the  spellworking.

  • Doktor Snake will perform the vision trance sigil spell for you within seven days of your order (your email letter will follow within 36 hours of him casting your spell).

Seal The Knot (Vision Trance Sigil Spell)

Performed by Doktor Snake


SEAL THE KNOT DOLL RITUAL. Cast  by Doktor Snake at a sacred oak grove out in the countryside, which holds numinous power. This unique poppet doll, with the Galdur “Seal The Knot” sigil inscribed on it, is fashioned by Doktor Snake during the ritual. It evokes Galdur (magick) powers to harness thought energy  (thoughtform) to bring your deepest wish to fruition. Thus the doll acts as a spiritual “helper” working 24/7  to literally “seal the knot” and bring about the marriage you desire.

  • Doktor Snake performs the ritual between seven and fourteen days of your order. Once completed, the doll is sent out to you via postal mail, along with a letter outlining how he performed the ritual, plus simple instructions on how to “feed” the doll.

Seal The Knot Doll Ritual

Cast by Doktor Snake at a sacred oak grove.


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