Hanging out in places the rich go and developing a wealth mindset is a powerful way to attract money to you and become successful in life.

The photo above is of Fortnum and Mason’s, the upmarket department store in London’s Piccadilly. Most stuff there costs a pretty penny.

I used to meet a pal of mine at Fortnum and Mason’s back in the early 1990s. He was a lawyer and also a part-time astrologer, which was a hobby of his, but nevertheless he liked to make it pay. Being a lawyer he was minted, so he could easily afford Fortnum and Mason’s prices. But he did drive an old Volvo, and mostly fixed it himself when it needed it. He wasn’t showy, a lot of wealthy people aren’t.

He was older than me and in a way was a mentor. So knowing I was fairly poor at the time, he helped me out with something more valuable than money – and that was how to improve yourself inwardly so that things like abundance (money or whatever) flows to your more easily.

One of the things he said to do was to hang out at the places the rich hang out…

Not spend all the money you have. But just what you can afford, like a coffee or pot of tea. He said to “soak up” the atmosphere of these places… not feel jealous of wealthy people, but to get myself into their mindset.

And that mindset is very much one of feeling “worthy to receive.” Unless they’re self-made, the rich tend to grow up that way, with a positive attitude to money, like they are more than worthy to be rich.

It isn’t easy for ordinary people to look at manifestations of wealth and join in the idea – thus my lawyer recommended I spend time in places where the rich go.

It’s a good idea, and really does change your mindset if you do it regularly…

I first met my lawyer friend at the Harry Price Library of Magic and the Occult – a remarkable and unusual place in London. The people that went there were often somewhat eccentric, but mostly what British self-help author Stuart Wilde called “fringe dwellers.” I call them “outsiders.” These were made up of all types, very upper class to average people that had discovered this amazing place.

So I got chatting to the lawyer guy and we became pals. We’d also meet up at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath for afternoon tea…and basically great conversation.

I think it’s always good to do something different. Get out of your comfort zone and seek out the unusual. And this is especially so when you are looking to adopt a wealth mindset. Breaking your habit patterns is essential. You’re basically looking to change yourself and cast off the old habit patterns of poverty. That way you can reconfigure yourself into somebody that always attracts money and is able to see and take advantage of all opportunities that come your way.

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