So I’m calling this video aimlessness and the art of connection. But being aimless sounds crazy. What’s the point of that? It goes against the rules that say you should have a purpose and focus in life. This does make sense. But there’s also a case for keeping some element of aimlessness in life. Doing things or visiting places for no particular reason – especially if you are drawn to them.

Doing this brings an element of chaos into your life. Like the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory where a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could potentially set off a cascade of atmospheric events that, weeks later, causes a tornado in Texas. In other words, small, random events can have a big effect.

So if you become less controlled in life, and less set on a purpose, you run across unexpected things and people. And this can bring big changes in your life. So rather than having a specific reason to go somewhere, pick somewhere at random and go there. If you’re drawn to a place for no obvious reason, even better – go there.

Wandering aimlessly can lead to connections – like you meet somebody that you were supposed to meet in the grand, universal scheme of things. Someone you were destined to meet, but wouldn’t have if you stuck to being focused on some aim or purpose… you’d have ruled it out.

So by abandoning purpose, at least some of the time, you might find yourself going where you need to go. Who knows what the result will be? But if nothing else, you will feel more connected on a universal level. You’ll have listened to your intuition and found both inspiration and connection of some kind.

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