It can happen fast. For a client, I performed my Conjure Box working, a rite conducted in an old Victorian graveyard. Once the spirits bestowed their blessings and the ritual artifacts were charged, I cast the intention of the love spell into the ether.

Now it was a question of waiting….

Three days later, her errant lover returned, begging her to forgive him and take him back.

It all came about this way: He’d deserted her for another woman, and naturally she was devastated. Determined to win him back, she came to me for a voodoo spell to return her ex.

I went through the ins and outs of her case with her so I could construct a precise magickal formula that would bring the best possible chance of success.

Once the ritual was performed results did indeed prove swift.

Of course, in some cases it takes longer – magick and voodoo are an art, not a science. But more often than not, the desired results do come. And if results prove slow I typically perform a recast at no extra cost to the client.

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