A UK-based voodoo man says movie star Angelina Jolie uses black magick and the occult to help her fulfil her ambitions for political power and influence – and that husband Brad Pitt was a mere pawn in her thirst to become the next Princess Diana and mingle with European royalty.

“I can confirm that an old haunted London graveyard was used to conjure up dark and powerful spirits to empower her ambitions in the political arena,” says Doktor Snake, who, besides providing voodoo spellworking services to clients around the globe, is also author of cult bestseller Dr Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook.

He adds that the arcane and macabre cemetery ritual involved plunging a ceremonial dagger into a manikin, which served as a symbolic blood sacrifice.

“The manikin was made out of clay and covered with atavistic sigils,” says Snake. “It was a kind of John Barleycorn from English folklore that had to be killed for Angelina to reap worldly rewards in the realm of politics and the global peace movement.”

But Snake doesn’t think any of this reflects badly on Angelina.

“The thing to remember is, if you want global power and influence, you have to get your hands dirty…they all do,” says Snake. “Angelina Jolie is a very charismatic and charming woman. Her very being exudes magick. She’s just upping the ante to be taken seriously on the world stage, and this involves taking actions that the average person would shy away from.”

Doktor Snake reportedly claims that Angelina has consulted him on and off over the years for help in using the occult to further her ambitions in life. It is even said online that he helped her split Brad Pitt from his previous love, Jennifer Aniston.

“All I’ll say,” reveals Snake, “is Angelina is no stranger to calling up the spirits in the graveyard at the midnight hour.”

He goes on to say that Brad Pitt was only ever going to be a mere pawn in Angelina’s rise to prominence.

“Brad Pitt is a thoroughly decent guy,” he says. “And really should have recognised that Angelina will do whatever is necessary to achieve her ambitions. Like I say, this is no bad thing as it is part of the balance between order and chaos in the world. But there will be emotional casualties, and Brad is one of them.”

Snake adds that, “Angelina wants to be the next Princess Diana, to continue her work in the peace arena, which will do a lot of good for many. And she wants to mingle with European royalty – probably even has her sights on marrying one of the British royals. But it takes sacrifice, and that is why we created a ritual blood sacrifice in the graveyard with the manikin…. it’s a way of symbolically paying the price for power.”

In Doktor Snake’s cosmology there are gods of order and chaos vying for dominance all the time. Sometimes one gets precedence over the other and the balance goes out of sync.

“With Angelina, we called upon the gods of chaos, as you might expect,” he says. “But the energies of chaos often are fickle friends, so you have to be careful. Angelina could take a tumble at any point, or she might become one of the most powerful figures on the planet. If she achieves this there is always a chance she will run out of control and be enveloped by the the extremes of chaos and entropy, and whoever is with her on her journey in life is going to suffer. It could be argued that Brad is the first casualty.”

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