Jennifer Aniston says she’s happier than she’s ever been, thanks to her Aug. 10 engagement to Justin Theroux — but Angelina Jolie isn’t wishing her 43-year-old rival a happily ever after.

via Angelina Jolie Mocks Jennifer Aniston to Brad Pitts Mom | OK! Magazine.

According to OK Magazine Angelina Jolie has stuck the proverbial knife into Jennifer Aniston saying: “Please! She’s pathetic! But, hey, it’s about time. Sure hope it lasts, but don’t get your hopes up. Justin’s going to dump Jen.”

Well, the fact is Angie and Jen have history and it ain’t the most pleasant of histories either.

Readers will recall I reported on how Jolie may have used Voodoo to cause the split between Brad Pitt and his former wife, Friends star Jennifer Aniston. According to a January 2005 report in the New York Daily Times, Jolie gave Brad (who at that time was still married to Aniston) a vial of grey powder, purportedly to ward off accidents. The unusual item was discovered in the glove compartment of Pitt’s car by a close friend. Pitt later revealed to the friend that the vial contained the remnants of a bat.

Shortly after the story broke, I was contacted by reporters to give my expert opinion as to what the vial might have signified. I said: “The vial sounds suspiciously like a Voodoo ‘mojo hand’ or magical charm.”

I went on to state, however, that I was very skeptical about the charm being intended to ward off accidents. In Voodoo, spells using ingredients from bats are usually used in workings of dark magic.

I told the media: “One particular spell uses Bat’s Heart Incense, which is burned to break up a love affair or marriage – very ominous in the light of the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston split.”

Looking back I’d say that Angelina may also have put a voodoo jinx on Jen – either out of spite and bitterness or possibly something else went down between her and Jen that we know nothing about.

I’ve also stated publicly that I believe Angelina is a natural witch who can wield the power of the occult to enchant men and bend them to her will. This natural ability may also mean that she can wield the Evil Eye. To be fair, those with the gift or “curse” of the Evil Eye often do it inadvertently.

They don’t know they have this power. But they cast the Evil Eye at times of heightened emotion – such as jealousy, envy or hate. With one look BOOM!!! – they’ve jinxed the hell out of somebody. This can lead to long term bad luck, inability to hold down a relationship, listlessness and lack of energy – or at worst death.

With Jen it’s led to her not being able to have a long term loving relationship. Guys just don’t work out. Let’s hope Angelina is wrong and things stay kosher with Justin Theroux

But the bottom line is the baleful effects of the Evil Eye CAN be removed and the victim can be thoroughly spiritually cleansed. After that, their luck will return and things will work out for them.

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