First off, I want to make clear that I like Angelina Jolie. She’s a free spirit and wild at heart, which beats being mediocre any day. But it’s that innate wildness that I believe makes her a “natural witch.”

Natural witches are rare. But Angelina Jolie has that “old black magic” in abundance. And believe me, you would NOT want to mess with her. If she laid a hex on you – perhaps using a voodoo doll – it would work. You’d run the risk of being taken out. She’s that powerful.

I personally know one natural witch on a par with Angelina (all I’ll say is she lives in the USA in the South). Like the Hollywood actress, my friend is drop dead beautiful, but terrifying if you are ever on the wrong end of her ire. And she can enchant anyone with just one look – yet others cast voodoo spells for months on end and still get nowhere.

This is the way Angelina Jolie is too. Over the years she’s used this natural occult power to enchant and then ensnare her men. It makes no difference whether they are married or not. Such is her witchy power that she can have them eating out of her fingers at the drop of a hat.

Take Brad Pitt. It is very likely she used voodoo to break up the marriage between Brad and Jennifer Aniston. According to a report in the New York Daily Times, Angelina gave Brad a vial of gray powder, supposedly to ward off accidents. The item was found in the glove compartment of Brad’s car by a friend. Brad later told the friend that the vial had the remnants of a bat inside it. To me, the vial sounded suspiciously like a voodoo gris-gris.

To me, there’s no way that charm was to ward of accidents – I’d say that was a ruse on Angelina Jolie’s part. In voodoo and hoodoo, spells that use ingredients from bats are typically dark in intent. One spell, for example, uses Bat’s Heart Incense, which is burned to break up a love affair or marriage – highly suggestive in the light of Brad and Jen’s split.

This week, Andrew Morton’s new book – Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography – is released. Unsurprisingly, considering Morton’s record, it is full of salacious gossip about Angelina’s various affairs. Morton describes her as a man-eater with a taste for married men.

Before Brad, Morton alleges that she was involved with a string of married men. Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina’s second husband, for example, was engaged to actress Laura Dern when she took up with him on a movie set.

Morton goes on to allege that Angelina had an affair with Ethan Hawke in 2003, while he was still married to actress Uma Thurman – this was when her marriage to Billy Bob was breaking down.

Morton also claims Angelina had a long running affair with Mick Jagger when he was married to Jerry Hall. Angelina was then a young model in New York.

Shortly before she met Brad, it is said Angelina had a fling with British actor Ralph Fiennes who was in a long-term relationship with Francesca Annis. Morton also mentions liaisons with the then unattached actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrel, and Timothy Hutton – and also singer Lenny Kravitz.

I have some level of insider knowledge here. I won’t talk out of turn. But I will say that, while Angelina is undoubtedly beautiful, it took more than that to get that many famous lovers eating out of her hands. It was down to her natural ability as a witch and use of voodoo that bewitched and enchanted those men.

The fact is, Angelina is no stranger to voodoo. According to a report in the National Enquirer in 2007, she had been taking instruction from a Voodoo priestess several times a week. She had also bought various books on occult subjects and had been touring the notorious New Orleans cemeteries, no doubt visiting the grave of the famous Voodoo queen Marie Laveau (1801-1881), who is buried in the Saint Louis cemetery.

It has also been alleged that Angelina Jolie has hired a number of voodoo doctors to help her in her quest to win the hearts of married men and to increase her fame. Certain people on internet forums are saying I am one of these. I’m not prepared to comment either way as to my professional involvement or otherwise with Angelina Jolie. All I will say is I’ve long been impressed by her natural occult abilities.

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