The longtime girlfriend of Johnny DeppVanessa Paradis – has asked him to pull out of his role in The Tourist movie. Depp plays a tourist seduced by Angelina Jolie’s Interpol agent character. The two apparently engage in a seriously steamy love scene – and Vanessa is worried that Angelina might try and turn the fantasy scene into reality…

You can’t blame Vanessa, who has two children with Depp, for being wary of Angelina. After all, The Changeling star took up with Brad Pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. And Angelina allegedly also took up with Billy Bob Thornton (ex hubby no.2) while he was still engaged to actress Laura Dern.

Not only that, but it is likely she used voodoo to break up the marriage between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. According to a report in the New York Daily Times, Angelina gave Brad a vial of grey powder, reportedly to ward off accidents. The item was discovered in the glove compartment of Brad’s car by a friend. Brad later told the friend that the vial had the remnants of a bat inside it.

To me, the vial sounded suspiciously like a voodoo mojo hand…

It also seemed unlikely that its purpose was to ward of accidents – that might have been a ruse on Angelina’s part. In voodoo and hoodoo, spells using ingredients from bats are typically of a darker nature. One spell in particular uses Bat’s Heart Incense, which is burned to break up a love affair or marriage – very suggestive in the light of Brad and Jen’s split.

So could Jolie be looking to use voodoo on Johnny Depp? To lure the star into an affair? Or even to break up his relationship with Vanessa?

It’s certainly possible. A report in the National Enquirer in 2007, for example, revealed that Jolie had been taking instruction from a voodoo priestess several times a week. The seductive siren had also bought various books on the occult and had been frequenting the spookiest New Orleans’ cemeteries, no doubt visiting the grave of the famous Voodoo queen Marie Laveau (1801-1881), who is buried in the Saint Louis cemetery.

So what can Vanessa do to keep Johnny from straying?

Well, there’s the classic Penis Jinxer spell, which would render Johnny unable to get aroused by anyone but Vanessa. Alternatively, a straightforward voodoo No Stray mojo would be very effective in keeping Johnny out of temptation’s way. All ways round, Vanessa would be advised to school herself up in the arts of voodoo – just in case she ever needs to protect herself and her man from Angelina’s dark enchantments…

Angelina Jolie: Man Stealer

  • Angelina Jolie got her hooks into Billy Bob Thornton while the Sling Blade actor was reportedly engaged to ¬†actress Laura Dern.
  • Angelina allegedly had a relationship with Mick Jagger in 1997 when she was starring in a video for the Stones’ single Anybody Seen My Baby?
  • Angelina allegedly dated Colin Farrell for four months after they filmed Alexander in 2004.
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