Norfolk, United Kingdom, Aug 3rd, 2010 – Keen observers will have noticed that Angelina Jolie’s tattoos have increased as she has risen to greater and greater fame.

But according to British voodoo practitioner Doktor Snake, the Hollywood star’s tattoos are not all they seem.

“Most of the tattoos she has, apart from those dedicated to her children, are part of an elaborate witchcraft ritual for fame and fortune,” says Snake.

Doktor Snake, who is the author of a bestselling voodoo spellbook, reveals that there is a secret voodoo tradition based around the application of tattoos.

“It’s known as the Second Skin Ritual,” he explains. “It involves calling on dark spirits to imbue the tattoos with great occult power. This will springboard anyone to fame and fortune – and will also get you any lover you desire.”

Snake goes on to say that Jolie’s tattoo magic is a potent mix of voodoo, Middle-Eastern and Oriental sorcery – traditions Doktor Snake himself is familiar with.

“Voodoo is very eclectic,” says Snake, “and draws on all sorts of traditions, it uses whatever works.”

Snake insists that Jolie invoked some “terrifying forces” to get where she is today.

“Those tattoos of hers tell it all,” says Snake. “If you read between the lines – or the ink – you’ll see that she uses seriously scary energies to propel herself to fame. What she may not know is there could be a payback.”

Snake, however, adds that any payback could be nullified by a practitioner that “knows what he or she is doing.”

Regarding Jolie’s latest tattoo, dedicated to Brad, Snake says: “It very likely incorporates a love binding spell.”

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