It could be down to bad luck, a run of events that has led to you not having any money, and not gaining the success in life that you deserve. Or it could be down to something more sinister – such as evil spirits. An evil spirit, or even a group of these malicious critters, given the right circumstances, can invade your soul matrix. Their talons getting a bony, harsh grip upon the spirals of your body/mind energy system.

This is not good as such entities most assuredly do not want the best for you… BUT they don’t want to kill you. You see, they are like a virus, they want to live off of you. So killing you would be counterproductive. And like a virus, they want to replicate their kind.

Those amongst you who perhaps know something of mesmerism and its modern offshoots, may also recognize that internal dialogue (verbal thinking) works in the same way. If a negative pattern of thought grips you, it certainly doesn’t want the best for you, but neither does it want you dead… it does, however, want to live with you and replicate itself with ever more negativity.

Both ways round, if you are looking to be successful in life, or simply to have enough money to be comfortable, it will be an uphill struggle. It will feel like you are being held back by what seems like an external force. Nothing will ever seem to work out for you, negativity will seem like your only reality.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Of course, anybody familiar with mesmerism and its modern equivalents, will know that there are many ways of looking at and perceiving these things, including as “mind memes”… and mind memes can be gotten rid of effectively too with various reprogramming methods, some of which, work in seconds.

Most of my personal work with such methods involves very fast – nano-speed – reconfiguring of neural pathways. But the way I see it is, whatever your internal belief system, if you can make a change for the better, then do it. Make it happen. That way you can lead a great life and attract the amount of money and success you so choose.

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