If a love spell secures the one you love, or brings back an ex, will the relationship last?

So long as a love spell is configured correctly, it will be permanent. The numinous energies will stay in place, and continue to work for you. That said, people do sometimes change their minds, and decide they no longer want the person they attracted, or returned (in the case of an ex), using a love spell.

This is why I always ask clients if they are 100% certain they want a love spell cast.

One client, who wanted her ex back, said to me, “I have no doubts at all. We are soul mates. I just know we are destined to be together forever.”

A year later she messaged me saying she’d met somebody else, but her current boyfriend (the one we’d cast a love spell on) wouldn’t accept it. He was still crazy about her.

My client said, “I know you warned me, Doc, but is there anything we can do?”

In that case, it was necessary to remove the spell that had been cast on her guy. It’s not an ideal scenario, but it does happen. And it does show how love spells, if done correctly, are permanent – unless they are “de-commissioned.”

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