Can love spells cause more harm than good? Will a love spell come back on you?

With love spells there is risk it will come back on you. Amateurs shouldn’t attempt love spells. And it is very wise to be careful who you hire to do a love spell on your behalf. As a professional voodoo man I’m often called on to sort out problems that have come from amateurs casting love spells.

One woman got in touch with me recently saying she’d hired some spellworker or other from the internet – the spellcaster didn’t have a professional website, mark you, so perhaps not surprisingly the whole thing went belly up. Not only did the guy she was in love with turn against her, he also didn’t pay back the $5K he owed her. “It was like he went from being into me to really hating me,” she told me.

That said, if you go to a professional spellcaster with a good reputation, you will have no worries whatsoever. The love spell will be safe. Results will either come swiftly or over time, but they will come.

One of the ways I ensure a love spell is 100% safe is by giving an appropriate offering to the spirits. For a love spell, I typically go to an old, disused Victorian cemetery, enter possession trance, and call upon the spirits – normally at the grave of a woman who had been successful in love and marriage… or the male equivalent, all depends on the needs of the client.

The kind of gifts I give to the spirits include herbs and flowers, old coins, sometimes liquor. BUT the important point is, a bargain is struck. And this means there is absolutely no comeback with casting a love spell.

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