He was in major debt and he needed money. He was down on his luck. Nothing seemed to go right. It was like fate had decided never ever to give him a break again. He’d had enough, he was at his wit’s end. So I fixed him up with a voodoo doll, and amazingly things changed almost overnight…

It was one of the dolls I’d created during the recent blazing hot summer, out in the cornfields in the heart of the countryside. I’d called upon John Barleycorn, spirit of the harvest, to breathe life into the dolls – setting them up to be powerful servitors to get things done.

So when this guy – who I’ll call Milo for privacy reasons – came to me asking for help, I decided to use one of these voodoo dolls, infused with the spirit of the corn, to see if we could execute change in his life – turn the tides of ill-luck into a sea of good fortune.

The next step to fully activate a voodoo doll for Milo was to head back out to the sprawling fields – now harvested – to call upon the goat-foot god to turn the doll into a strange attractor, initially chaotic, but spiraling into a stable force that manifests the given intent behind the magick, in this case money and good fortune.

I drove out to the field via winding lanes, and parked up on some grass near a break in a hedge, then went on foot to a tall, majestic oak tree. It now being late September, there was a chill in the air. But needs must when the Devil drives. So I placed the doll against the trunk of the tree, then lay down on the dusty ground beside the tree and set about entering spirit trance by focusing on the input of my senses until the veil between the worlds began to lift.

The sounds around me were intensified – scurrying of small animals, singing of birds, and the distant hum of cars going to and fro. I then internally called upon the goat-foot god, and soon a stillness appeared to settle on the land. The breeze dropped completely, and nothing seemed to stir.

And out of the silence came the faint sound of pipes, a melancholy tune echoing around the field. I didn’t open my eyes while I lay on the ground as I felt the magick would evaporate as soon as it had come. But I knew the goat-foot god was there. I heard his slow footsteps as he walked up to me, presumably staring down at me. This can be very scary, and you can be overwhelmed by panic; I nearly was, but I breathed slowly and deeply to hold the anxiety back.

Then he seemed to walk over to the doll, and I was sure he was imbuing it with his deep atavistic energies. You can’t command or summon the goat-foot god. He will come if he wills, or he won’t. But if he comes you know he will lay his primal blessings upon your ritual talismans, in this case the voodoo doll.

Once the working was done, I headed back into the city and civilization. Then I called Milo to tell him the doll was fully charged and configured. I took it over to him, and thought little more of it – until Milo called me a couple of days latter.

He said:

“I can’t believe this. I just had my lawyer friend call me saying the debts I’ve got aren’t enforceable. So I don’t have to pay them. Sure, they’ll still hound me, but the thing is, they haven’t got a leg to stand on. And if they push it too far, we can issue a lawsuit against them.”

“Supreme!” I said.

But that wan’t the half of it…

“Yep, and guess what, Doc?” he continued. “I had a call from a tech agency, and they want to licence that app I’ve been working on – means serious regular income! So things are looking up for me, all down to that voodoo doll you did for me…. And I keep asking myself, are these the most powerful voodoo dolls on Earth!”

I laughed, “Well, they certainly can get things done. But sometimes it can take a while… sure there’s remarkable cases like yours that work out almost overnight. But other times you have to recast and reconfigure to get the esoteric mechanisms just right.”

“Well, whatever, Doc,” he said, “you definitely sorted it for me!”


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