If an evil spirit or entity has invaded your body/mind system, it can cause havoc and even destroy your life…

Possession can be good or bad – context is everything in this respect. If an evil or malign spirit or entity has possessed you, then this will impact your life in adverse ways.

Jobs and money may be hard to come by. Relationships won’t last. And you will likely behave in ways that lose your friends, or land you in trouble.

But if you experiment with possession under a given magical system, like say voodoo, it can be a learning and transformational experience. You surrender your ego to the spirit or entity, and you can have insights into your deeper self and the universe/multiverse around you.

In its uncontrolled context, however, possession is typically a terrifying and detrimental experience, one that can totally destabilize your life – or worse…

So what are the seven key signs that you may be possessed by an evil spirit or entity?

(1) Your behavior in life is erratic and unpredictable. You do things that even you know are out of character, leading to friends and family mistrusting you. They won’t understand that it isn’t you that’s doing it, rather it is the possessing entity that is making you do it.

(2) You get weird and otherworldly feelings and dreams/nightmares. You feel that somehow you are not you, or that you have another “memory” inside you that appears not to be yours.

(3) You feel as if a creature is coursing through your body – like a snake or reptile undulating through your limbs and torso (you might even see this happening). This could come upon you at night, or during the day. Either way, you feel like something is inside you.

(4) You feel compelled to do things that are out of character. You might be drawn to alcohol or drug binges; you might sleep around as if compelled to do so – even though you know it will lead to heartbreak, or worse, picking up an STD.

(5) You have extreme mood swings: One minute you are upbeat and charming to people around you, the next you are mean and nasty.

(6) You can’t hold down a good-paying job. You give it your all. You work harder and give more than those around you. Yet something always goes wrong. And either your boss, supervisor, or fellow workers take a dislike to you for no apparent reason.

(7) You have strange apparently supernatural experiences and visions; or you hear voices that seem to be external from your mind. You sense a presence behind you, swing around, and nobody is there. Or you literally forget whole days, or hours, and have no idea where you were, or what you were doing.

Be aware that if you have any of the above symptoms and experiences, it doesn’t 100% mean that you are possessed. It is wise in the first instance to seek counseling as this might be all you need to get back on track.

But if, in the end, you do feel that you are possessed, the best policy is to seek out a professional (such as me or somebody else) who understands these things and can remove the possessing spirit or entity from your body/mind system.

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