Might not be visible on the surface, but all cities, towns and villages have this undercurrent of magic and conjuration runnin’ through ’em. Good and bad magic. People are working spells and hiring spellcasters – people you wouldn’t suspect in a thousand years of doing so.

It’s a fact of life there’s no escapin’.

You feel a twinge in your back. That could be yo’ neighbor wishing you ill. Wanting to see your life take a tumble.

You feel a sudden pang of cold terror to your heart, it’s your sister-in-law wishing you to damnation.

You feel hot, burnin’ breath on the back o’ your neck, it’s the hellhound right on your tail! Sent to you by the witch-worker right around the block.

Majority of people use magic for good. They just wanna improve their lives. But there’s a small few who work magic for evil. They cannot control their warped and ugly natures. They eaten up with jealousy and envy.

You need to watch out for people like this. You never know what baleful tricks they will lay on you. Their nasty black magic will jinx you. You’ll know it’s happened if you experience a mysterious run of bad luck, ill-health or misfortune. You’ll know you the victim of witchcraft. Someone with an evil mind eaten to the core with bitterness taking it out on you – an innocent victim of their malice and spite.

Fact is, people like that are weak. So long as you don’t fear, their evil will run off you like water, and you will be untouched by their vile machinations.

But if you have even the minutest grain of fear, you in trouble – their jinxes will get you!

In this case, it’s wise to fix up voodoo cleansing and protection workings – even hit ’em back with a return-to-sender spell. Make ’em run. Make ’em moan. Make ’em see the error of their ways. Send ’em to the church house and repent their sins. Make ’em face the Devil. He’ll make ’em sing! One look from his burnin’ red eyes and they’re gonna know they got nothin’ on him! And they gonna run on down to hell, jump in his burnin’ skillet and be fried up for his demons to devour.

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