This working is primarily for all you ladies out there, but if you’re a man and want to give it a try, hey, we’re all inclusive here! It invokes the Babylonian goddess of Love, Ishtar, and requires a silver locket on either a silver chain or a silk ribbon. I always think silk is more sensual, so maybe that’s a better way to go with this one. After all, we all want a little sensuality in our lives…

If you already have one that fits the bill, you can use that, but I would be inclined to get something which was especially chosen for this purpose. You can pick up a nice locket from a vintage clothes shop, on eBay or from an antique jewelers. The advantage of physically choosing your treasure is that you are more likely to pick up something a little out of the ordinary that really feels right to you, and stands out from the crowd. This always gives any working that bit of added power.

This is what you do:

✴ Wait until a full moon, and then set yourself up a simple altar with one white candle, an object that symbolizes Ishtar (such as a Lapis Lazuli stone, the Star or Empress tarot card, or a picture of a lion or dove)a nice pen and a piece of unlined A5 sized paper. I would maybe use one of those Indian pens, which are ornately decorated with mirrors.

✴ Light the candle, and invite Ishtar by saying:

“Beautiful Ishtar, goddess of Love, come down to me this day and heed my prayers.”

✴ Sit quietly and meditate on drawing romance into your Life. Imagine it flowing into you like a river of stars, twinkling and sparkling with Love. Describe in a whisper the kind of person that you would like to attract into your Life. Not just their appearance, but the personality traits that you find attractive.

✴ Now, using your pen and paper, draw an eight pointed star, which is Ishtar’s sacred symbol (see below). You can make it as plain or as ornate as you like – if you feel like pouring some of your creativity into the design, go with the flow as they say.


✴ When you’ve done that, draw a circle around the star using a compass or any round object which is the right size, then cut it out.

✴ Try to visualize yourself being imbued with the desirability of Ishtar. Then pour that energy into the eight pointed star. Pick it up and hold it against your forehead, and imagine yourself as acting like a magnet, attracting romance, and allow that thought to flow into your eight pointed star talisman.

✴ When you feel that you are done, give thanks and blessings to Ishtar. If you have a bottle of wine in the house, take it out into your garden, or anywhere green, and pour a libation onto the ground as an offering to the goddess.

✴ Next, fold your star talisman into four or eight, and place it safely inside your locket. Wear this whenever you go out, be it to work, social gatherings, or nights out. The ideal color to wear along with your talisman is a Lapis Lazuli blue, which is Ishtar’s sacred color. Chose whatever items of clothing feel right. If blue isn’t really your color, go for some nice blue underwear, or something that is secretly hidden away, but YOU know that you are carrying the power.

✴ Whatever it is – or you could even use a ring with a blue stone, that you have charged with power from Ishtar – it is a good move to always wear something of a blueish hue.

✴ And remember to think about Ishtar before you go out. Just a simple acknowledgement – such as whispering her name to yourself – is enough to fire up this working. Soon enough, you will find romance coming into your Life, quite possibly from a totally unexpected quarter!

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