I feel a little like the men have been overlooked for a while, so here’s a working to try to redress the balance a little … The rewards can be enormous, but you’re going to have to tune in just temporarily to your feminine side and mix yourself up a potion – if that seems like too much effort, well ok, just slap on some Bleu de Chanel and go hit the night-life. But if you’re prepared to just bear with me for a while and give it a go, your Love Life will be sizzling at a far higher level than the other guys. It really does give you that much of an advantage.

Satyr Oil was reputedly blended for Casanova, and was so effective that he attracted women left right and center. He had so many damn women chasing after him that he didn’t know what to do with them all. Well, he probably had a pretty good idea, but would have dropped from sheer exhaustion. Have I convinced you yet?

Ok, here’s the part that takes some effort. You’re going to be mixing up some Satyr Oil, and the very best time to make it is when the moon is in its first quarter or half waxing. If you can’t be bothered looking up when this is, maybe just ask a lady friend, as she’ll probably have a good idea or at least be interested enough to google it for you. Just have an excuse ready for when she asks you why you want to know … And she probably will; be warned.

The reason that it’s done then is because that’s the time when workings will draw things to you, particularly in an amorous way, so you want to capture all of that energy in your oil.

A lot of oils can be blended at home, but for this one, you really need to try to head out into Nature a bit. Again, the wild forces of Nature are what you’re trying to bottle here, so sitting at the table while the game is on TV really isn’t going to give you the result you’re after, even if the game does.

So get yourself a hiking bag together (you can keep up your masculine image here) and you’re going to need to take with you:

  • Some jojoba oil
  • 4 drops of patchouli oil
  • 2 drops of ambergris oil
  • 4 drops of vanilla oil
  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of carnation oil

Oh, and don’t forget to take a small tinted glass bottle to blend them in. There’s not usually a handy bottle store in the middle of the forest.

As the working you’re doing is of a “blokey” nature, it’s ok if you take a can or two along with you, as it will just help to get the hedonistic vibe going. See, I’m not that cruel to you. Just make sure it’s no more than that, or you’ll forget what you’re meant to be doing.

All you need to do is to blend together all of the oils in a nice little cocktail. Give it a shake, and then take the lid off and sit comfortably on the ground and visualize exactly what it is that you want from this oil. That’s probably a fairly easy part, right?

You want to be capturing all of that wild, animalistic energy in that bottle of magic.

If the feeling grabs you to get sky-clad and jump around, feel free to do it, just don’t expect me to post your bail if you get caught and questioned, OK?

When you feel like the moon has done its work, pack your things together, thank the moon god – that’s right, we usually associate the moon with a goddess, but there is a male equivalent – appropriately called Sin, for his help, maybe leave him some of your liquor as an offering, and take yourself home.

Having made your Casanova Concoction, the best time to use it is at Full Moon (hey, even guys can usually figure this one out), when levels of both testosterone and oestrogen are naturally increased to their highest levels by the pull of the moon.

Just anoint yourself with it in all the right places, and go on out and have yourself a party!

Just remember though, that as powerful as this attractant is, if a woman says no to you, she means no … There are plenty of women who will find you totally irresistible. As a last note, you may not particularly like the smell of the oil, but trust me, the wonders it works more than make up for it!

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