The belief that a band of light, or aura, surrounds all living things is an old one. But how much truth is in it? And how do you go about seeing auras?

The idea that all living things, including us humans, have a light or aura surrounding us goes back to ancient times. Some claim there are references to it in the Bible. Exodus (C34), for instance, states that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, his face was shining so brightly that he had to wear a veil so as not to scare the children of Israel.

And Mathew (C17) relates that during the transfiguration of Jesus Christ his “face shone like the sun” and his clothes became “white as the light.”

The Buddha was also said to have had light shining from him. And this light reputedly extended some nine miles and his disciples reportedly could feel his presence at a great distance.

In Western occult tradition, the notion of an aura also goes back a long way. Sixteenth century alchemist Paracelsus, for example, described the aura as a luminous sphere, and said that the colours in the aura could be divided into two groups: those tinged with white represented health and overall goodness, while those tinged with black denoted disharmony, illness and evil.

It was the Theosophical Society that brought the idea of the aura into modern times…

Founded in 1875 by Madame Helena Blavatsky, the society introduced a great deal of Eastern philosophy to the West, including a wealth of knowledge about auras.

The 1901 book Thoughtforms by leading Theosophists Charles Leadbeater and Annie Bessant, for example, included a number of colour plates illustrating the way thoughts and emotions manifest as colours in the aura.

According to the authors, black indicates hatred; brilliant red anger; dirty red passion and sensuality; yellow intellectual activity; and rose affection.

The Theosophists also postulated the idea that the aura consists of various subtle bodies, including the mental, astral and etheric bodies, which interrelate with each other.

Spiritual healers claim they can detect and diagnose disease by reading auras…

In his book Understanding Auras (1993), aura reader Joseph Ostrom said that if he perceived a bulge in the inner layer of a person’s aura it meant that the organ behind the bulge had become diseased.

According to Ostrom, the colours in the aura also provide clues to an individual’s state of health. “In an unhealthy person the colours may appear muddy and confused,” he wrote, “whereas in a healthy person the colours are brilliantly defined.”

Ostrom insisted that ill-health is detectable in the aura often well before any physical symptoms occur. Consequently, he was emphatic that medical practitioners should be trained to view and interpret auras. That way, many diseases could be diagnosed and treated before they became serious.

But what happens if there is a lack of auric light?

In a pamphlet called Auras, written shortly before his death in 1945, the American psychic Edgar Cayce related an incident that occurred while he was shopping in a department store. He was on the sixth floor and had pushed the elevator button to go down. When it arrived it was nearly full yet he perceived a “dark emptiness” inside.

Just then, a person in a red sweater caught his attention and he waved the elevator on, saying he would catch another. Moments later the cable snapped and the elevator’s occupants were plunged to their deaths.

Later Cayce concluded that the darkness he had observed was the lack of auric light around the ill-fated occupants of the elevator.

While sceptics may scoff at the very idea of auras, some scientists are open to the possibility…

American research scientist John Zimmerman is one. He says the body emits light both in the invisible (ultra violet/infrared) and visible ranges of the spectrum. According to Zimmerman, “under the proper conditions the cells of the eye – and especially the cells of the retina (known as rod cells) – can respond to as little as one photon of light.”

He goes on to suggest that those who can perceive auras may have the ability to actually see with their physical eyes aspects of the light spectrum that are invisible to the majority of people.

One of Zimmerman’s aims is to develop a scanner, known as a Bio-Magnetic Imager, which would make the fluctuating patterns and colours of auras visible to anybody. He believes, if such a system is developed, it would enable all types of disease to be diagnosed, including cancer, well in advance of the current diagnostic capabilities of conventional medical practise

Much like alternative health practitioners, Zimmerman believes disease initially occurs in the “subtle energy field” or aura, and secondly in the “gross physical body.” But unlike them, he also envisions being able to map and interpret the aura with sophisticated technology.

So how can you see auras for yourself?

The secret of being able to see auras is to use your peripheral vision. This entails avoiding looking directly at objects or living things. Here’s how it is done:

  • Sit comfortably and relax.
  • Gently rest your eyes on a point some distance away.
  • Without moving your eyes become aware of what is in your field of vision, above, below, to the right and to the left. This will develop your peripheral vision.
  • After doing this you may find that the things around you take on an almost “hallucinatory glow.”
  • Repeat the above. But this time gaze at somebody’s face – not directly, but at a point about two inches from the surface of their skin.
  • Now gaze at the space two inches to the left of their face, then two inches to the right. With practise you will likely see a bright, possibly golden, band around the person’s head. You may well see other colours too.

Give that a try and if you see an aura you will have to decide for yourself how much validity it has in terms of being a real phenomenon or not. And also whether it should one day be utilised within the general practise of medicine.

Equally, though, you may find that the ability to see auras benefits your life in some way, perhaps by increasing your intuitive abilities. The main thing is, if it works for you, use it.

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