Prof. Crow was reminiscing ’bout his ol’ daddy and his hoodoo secrets last night…

“My ole pappy taught me three things, Doc. How to lay tricks, how to lay chicks, and how ta’ lay low from the law. He he he. An’ he taught me the ol’ fashioned ways. Now I’m telling you this coz I looked at ’em spiritual supply catalogs you gone an’ sent me. What’s all this stuff with strange ole shaped candles and funny smelling oils an’ what’s all this with ’em high prices?

Back in my pappy’s day folk didn’t have spare greenbacks for fancy devil candles and all these colored expensive oils. A hoodoo man couldn’t have afforded them and neither could the folks he was tryn’ to help. So what ya do? Well if ya need a devil candle, jus’ carve the picture of the devil on the candle. Same goes for any of those fancy shapes.

Back then we didn’t have all ’em fancy oils neither. If ya had any spare raw alcohol lying around ya didn’t mess it up with herbs, ya drank it! So I’ll tell ya little secret. In the day the folks used to dress their candles with camphor that was all. Just Camphor.

I’ll leave ya with one last thing. An ole saying my Pappy used to say. He said: ‘You see son, the power is not in what ya use, the power is in the hoodoo man.’

So I say, people: Don’t go spending your money on fancy spiritual supplies, spend it on a fancy hoodoo man; a man with power… Like you an’ me…”

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